If you never felt depressed, then you wouldn't be human.

Do you want the lights left on?


Lorraine was probably the shortest person in the room.

We'd better win.

I hope you're prepared for that.

Ricky taught me everything I know about riding horses.

We are noisy as a whole.

This is so beautiful I cried a little.

Polly isn't very hardworking.

They painted the wall white.

I performed the work reluctantly.

You're wrong about this.

Would you put this in the car for me?

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His advice touched me to the quick.

Nobody likes it.

I'm an American citizen.

Everything pointed to this answer.

A deer ran for its life.

Haven't we seen Prakash before?

He's a samurai.

He enjoys his sleep and doesn't like to have it interfered with.

Do you know anybody around here who has a place to rent?

I don't even know who he is.

We'll follow you.


They think he's not right for the assignment.


Avery told me you need help.

I'll turn it over to them.

I'm emotionally drained.


The statue is carved out of stone.

Vickie's very proud of what he's been able to accomplish.

There are people called Incas in South America.

I wouldn't even accept sausage from a bastard like that.

I've always considered myself lucky.


What are you worrying about?

I can't work for you.

Steen doesn't think that would be good.


Rodger is explaining the lesson.


Elsa didn't know what to do with the extra food.

I can't afford to buy an expensive car.

I have a first aid kit in my car.

He was provoked into hitting her.

We have had lengthy discussions with Rajendra.

Have you ever heard of Willie Jackson?

Please go to the playground to play.

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This book is especially difficult to read.

Suffering is the price of all good things in the world.

Are you going to arrest me?

Prospect is often better than possession.

You'd like them.

You totally freaked him out.

It was careless of you to leave your umbrella in the taxi.

He's leaning on a cane.

What are you doing out there?


I'll have to live with it.

All of us like you.

What time does Michiel leave for work?

The tuna catch is declining.

Spass was very determined to finish the project.

He has left me.

She wanted to die because she couldn't satisfy her parents.


Fay has green eyes.

The sales plan allows of no alteration.

I imagine that's what's going to happen the next time, too.

They aimed their guns at Jonathan.

Ricky took another step toward Howard.

Her heart beat fast from fear.

Their lifestyle is different to ours.


The sky is getting brighter.

The old woman gave it to her as a present and said she really wanted her to accept it.

I've had a lot of fun so far.


She answers us whenever we call her.

I thought I knew everything.

We're through here.

He works in the car industry.

At what time is dinner served?

Do you think you should do that without permission?

There was nobody around.

Where will you write your next novel?

Give up such ideas.

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I'm very sorry for causing the accident.

Steam boilers may explode.

I wanted to give you this.

He grew old.

Graham didn't tell Syed anything at all about his plan.

I lived in Boston for many, many years.

What Barbra said was just a big lie.

I tried my best to get them to stop quarreling.

There are lots of things I want to talk about.

We could use the money.

I had an awful experience today, so I'm going to have a beer and go straight to bed.


That's of no consequence.

We went out for some drinks.

The last thing I want to do is give you any reason to fire me.

I hate this job sometimes.

I'm sure that she will come back soon.

Do you see why this is a problem?

Yvonne told me he wasn't busy.


Please don't ask again. I won't tell you.

I'm amazed that you didn't come.

Azaleas are blooming.

I will go for a medical.

It shouldn't be like this.

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What was Saqib's plan?

Come what may, I won't change my opinion.

Is it not love that builds, connects, and creates in the same manner as hate destroys?

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The elephant's meal is enough to feed thousands of ants.


Not only can't I tell Edith, I can't even tell you.

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Members of the board will meet for a concluding session on 03/27/2013.


These technical terms derive from Greek.

This is so unreal.

He's dying to see Seiko.

He tried it again, only to fail.

I got your text.


I wish I'd bought a white dress!


It'll take a little time to get used to wearing glasses.

This can cause kidney failure.

I want to get to know Owen.

How long is this bridge?

Markus and Dorian furnished their house with inexpensive furniture.

Everybody was so excited.

What does she expect in return?

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This is a new approach.

Rand walked into the living room with two drinks in his hands.

Maybe I need a lawyer.

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For one thing, I am poor; for another, I am busy.


When I see you, you always remind me of my brother.

Sanford doesn't know where Mitch studied French.

Sriram had no idea where Hienz went.

I couldn't figure out what Hilda wanted me to do.

Your girlfriend is going to be so mad at you when she finds out.

What time do you take the children out?

You must steer clear of that gang.

Traditional Japanese furniture is made without using any nails or screws.

It's easy to understand why Cathryn doesn't like Marc.

I don't want to respect a man like him.

The French government made a 35-hour workweek mandatory in 2000.

It's hard for me to concentrate on the task.

They'll be very afraid.


He fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

They're not related.

The longer you let the tomato sauce simmer, the tastier it will be.

Open the door!

Edith asked Juliane if she'd actually read the book.


Today is my wedding anniversary.

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Barney was expelled from school.


Sherri did exactly as I told him to do.

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This is really tragic.


She stared at a UFO in silence.

The prosecutor asked me a leading question.

You can help stop that.


We can stop whenever we want.

The effect of the drug had worn off.

Do it!

We're having some people round.

I went to the military camp with Kordobas's authorization.

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Serdar is just nervous, that's all.

You should've seen them run.

I keep forgetting you don't really like me.

I'll need to think about it.

Thank you for calling me back.

Let's sing together.

It is certain that he will agree with us.

What time does that restaurant close?

Fay wrote essays on it.

The old man was sitting there, with crossed legs.

I was chuffed with the result.